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Wednesday, 10 February 2016

This secret trick will help in changing : How you use Instagram

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Here’s a neat trick for all you Instagram users. While looking at someone’s profile (or in the Discover tab), press and hold on a photo, and it’ll pop up as a preview. With your finger still held down, swipe up to reveal a menu to like, view profile, comment or send as a message. Simply swipe the picture down to make the preview go away. It’s like having Apple’s Peek feature without 3D Touch.
The feature works for both iOS and Android, though the execution is a little bit different on each platform. I had no idea the feature even existed until this morning, so indulge me if you already knew about it. To be fair, Instagram for Android began testing a similar feature late last year.
The most recent Instagram update for iOS, which was on Feb. 2, details how the feature works; Instagram really swept this one under the rug considering how cool it is.
You can see a demonstration of how this feature works in the video below.

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