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Saturday, 21 November 2015

Android Apps for Senior Citizens that Make Look Simpler

So you are planing to buy a new Android for your old folks, but wondering if they can use the complex interface? First solution that pops up, is to install less apps and increase the font size. But then, you would also be limiting the power of the gadgets. Right? So what do we do.

Android apps for Senior Citizens
You can install apps that are made for older people. These apps make the interface simpler and bigger. A good place to start is by using big launcher. The full version cost around $10 but for most of us the free version is sufficient.
Its interface is minimal and design specially for seniors having vision problems.
First time you open this app, you have to configure it. This is one time only and later it’ll apply your settings, every time your device boot.
Following are some screenshots of big launcher. Notice how this launcher changed the android interface
BIG Launcher
When you long press home screen , you have the option to switch back to default launcher (screenshot) Best of both world.
However the free version of ‘big launcher’ use default android keyboard, which is not ideal for older people with poor vision. Therefore I suggest, you use the Big Keyboard.
With big launcher, they can easily make calls, take pictures and send sos text. But let say they want to explore more apps, like use Facebook, WhatsApp. Then you may have to teach them how to use these apps, but it’s difficult if you are not living with them.
To avoid such situation install TeamViewer. With this app, you can remotely control their android and troubleshoot problem. It’s easy, cross-platform and most importantly don’t require root.
teamViewer for older peoples