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Friday, 13 November 2015

Upload non square picture on WhatsApp & Instagram

Update: Instagram photos no longer have to be square

Pictures taken by the camera are in either in portrait or landscape mode. But you can only upload square photos in Instagram. Similarly, your profile picture has to be square on WhatsApp.  

When the image is not square, you have to crop your upload. Thus, we have compromise with the background’s detail. Even re-sizing it to square resolution make it look weird.
The only workaround is by applying padding around the image.How? There are dedicated apps and online services to do that. So let’s check them out. 
Upload-photos-to-instagram-without-cropping-in Android
There are many square image generator apps for android. I prefer  #SquareDroid. The app is simple and does it job. Also, you can quickly open the app from the share option on the photo.
Upload-photos-to-instagram-without-cropping-in-Windows phone
If you have a windows phone then use 6tag. It is free and work quite well. Although I don’t have a windows phone and never tested this app personally. But people I know, have been using these apps for long and never complained. Its store’s rating is pretty good.
Squaregram is the best option for iOS users. It’s free and does it job nicely. Again I don’t own an iOS device either, so couldn’t test this app myself. However, the app has good review and has been featured on many websites.
Blackberry and Nokia
Sadly there is no app available for you. There used to be an online square image generator tool. But it’s no longer available. So the only option is to use Photoshop or other image editors.
In case you are using Instagram on computer then you can sideload #SquareDroid apk on ARC welder– a chrome extension to run Android apps on the computer. I have tried it on my Windows and MAC computer and it worked great.
If you are using gramblr to upload pictures, then you this online tool.